Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki (with special guest mouse)

Excerpt of Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki performance, featuring numerous sound sculptures by Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki, including:

, Ros Bandt, 1978.
An original microtonal glass percussion instrument consisting of a three-tiered wooden frame with 31 suspended glass objects. Apart from the ‘found’ glass lampshade and insulator, all items are cut glass containers, mainly flagons. They are arranged in constellations based on compatible pitch and timbral formations. This instrument was originally designed and built by Ros in 1978 - a pioneering moment in the development of 'fragile music' (featuring glass and clay instruments) in Australia.

Cycolospoke, Albert Mishriki, 2007.
A playable sound sculpture constructed from recycled and found items including a bicycle wheel, a d-lock, strings, springs, one polystyrene head, one light fitting, an umbrella and a hat stand. Designed to be played collaboratively.

Video courtesy Drew Roberts - thanks Drew!

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