Found Sound # 2 Joe Talia and Dale Gorfinkel

Performance at Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie St Carlton
Wednesday 18th February 2009
Collaborative performance by by DALE GORFINKEL on prepared vibraphone, modified trumpet, inventions and ping pong balls and JOE TALIA on heat sinks, bowed cymbals, inside reverb tank and prepared percussion!

Clip courtesy of Drew Roberts

About Joe and Dale:

JOE TALIA is a drummer, avant-garde percussionist and sound engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. He studied improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts from 1999-2001, where he began to develop a highly unique style of drumming that blends driving melodic and rhythmic invention with textural and sonic exploration. Joe has always immersed himself in all aspects of music including improv, musique concrete, rock, contemporary classical and film music, and draws influences from many places. He has performed, recorded and toured with a massive range of musicians and ensembles in Australia and internationally including Ned Collette Band, Thembi Soddell, David Shea, Francis Plagne, Marco Fusinato, Andrea Keller Quartet, Post, The Bartok Project, City City City, Rand and Holland, Erik Griswold, Anita Hustas, Adam Simmons Toy Band, New Blood and countless others.

DALE GORFINKEL is a musician, instrument builder and installation artist from Sydney, currently living in Melbourne. Dale’s automated mechanical sculptures are based on his unique approach to the vibraphone. He creates wondrous sonorities using continuous bowed inventions on aluminium bars, swinging tin resonators and ping-pong balls. He has also developed a quirky approach to the trumpet, using additional plastic tubing, shower roses, balloons, and various mouthpieces which invoke an 'electronic' sound world. Dale is an active member of Australia’s exploratory music communities and is an integral part of many ensembles including the composer/improviser collective Farfinkel Pugowski, Metalog, Jim Denley’s West Head Project, SSL with Robbie Avenaim, Prophets, Splinter Orchestra, and trio with Peter Farrar and the sound poet Amanda Stewart. Other musical collaborators include Ernie Althoff, Rosalind Hall, Alan Lamb, Clare Cooper, Jon Rose, Rod Cooper, Wadada Leo Smith (USA), and Cor Fuhler (Netherlands).

Images courtesy of Helen Metzger - thanks Helen!

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