Found Sound # 6 All Together Now

All Together Now was the final sonic event in a series of six presented by Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project from January - June 2009. We invited Dale Gorfinkel & Ben Kolaitis with Albert Mishriki & Dylan Martorell to collaborate on two improvised performances - the artists then presented a selection of their original instruments to everyone who showed for an all in sound-up featuring experimental vibrating percussive instruments, vibrottles, vibraphone keys, modified trumpet, harp made from tree branches and wood, hand-made circuitry and electronics, modified violin, springy boom-booms, cymbals, lead pencil drawing-circuits and plastic pipes. Yeaaaaaaaah!

Found Sound will be back in 2010. Anyone interested in participating in the next program of events is most welcome to drop us a line. Amelia and Albert say: clik bing swazzle clack trik shhhiz whirr prrrrrring ...

Our warmest thanks to the fabulous TAPR crew and Michael Prior for hosting Found Sound in 2009; to Lachlan for the invaluable use of his PA, and to Drew Roberts for the vid clips.

Found Sound June 17 2009: All Together Now

found sound the experimental instrument project #6
dale gorfinkel, ben kolaitis, dylan martorell, albert mishriki
and all together now
thanks to everyone who came along for a play
youse waz awesomes

the next found sound is the last for this season
please join us for group improv / performance / all together now
with several instrument makers including dale gorfinkel, benjamin kolaitis, dylan martorell and albert mishriki
instruments for everyone to play yessy yes

at tape projects space
wed june 17 @ 7:30pm
1/81 bouverie st
carlton melbourne
$5 / $7

James Hullick & Pia van Gelder May 20 2009

found sound industria gig
james hullick on midi-controlled sonic constructions / power tools / marbles / altered violins / bowls / solenoids / tiny tappers with pia van gelder on original Voice Mask / found objects / orchestra of machines

photography by tim mcneilage - thank you tim!

About Pia and James:

PIA VAN GELDER is a Sydney-based electronic artist. In constructing her orchestra of machines and instruments for generating audio and video signals she uses a variety of materials including solenoids, contact microphones, cello-tape, reconstructed records, cassette tapes, guitar pedals, micro-controllers, general household refuse, pieces of two-by-four, midi-controllers, sensors, samplers, surveillance cameras, her mouth, nose, feet and hands. Her work currently involves sample-based live improvisation in collaboration with musician Eden Falk in their group Praying Hands and a solo project called Voice Mask, an audio instrument for vocal performance. She is the Overlord for Dorkbot_Sydney, a regular meet-up for 'people doing strange things with electricity'.

JAMES HULLICK is a Melbourne-based composer, vocalist, pianist and sound artist who makes installations, sonic automota and midi-controlled robotics. His sonic works have been presented in Asia, North America, Australia and Europe for a variety of ensembles. Most recently he directed the multimedia experience/sonic performance The Nis, performed at 45 Downstairs, Melbourne, in partnership with Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Amplified Elephants. He is currently researching the phenomenon of 'Recursion' for his PhD at RMIT.

James Hullick and Pia van Gelder

Found Sound # 5 2009

Wednesday May 20
7:30pm - 8:30pm
@ Tape project warehouse space
1/81 Bouverie St, Carlton, Melbourne
$5 / $7

Dylan Martorell Nathan Gray Dave Nelson April 15 2009

Found Sound # 4 2009
Snawklor and Dave Nelson

Snawklor (Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray) on objekt instruments strum sarangs gamelan mobile sonic hangings together with Dave Nelson on original vacuum cleaner / PVC pipe organ. Brilliant!

many thanks to Helen Metzger for the pics and drew roberts for the video!

Wednesday April 15
@ Tape Projects space
1/81 Bouverie St Carlton
7:30 pm - 8:30pm
$5 / $7

for more info on snawklor see

Rod Cooper & Ross Manning March 18 2009

Found Sound # 3
Wednesday March 18 2009
Tape Projects space, Melbourne

About Rod and Ross:

Ross Manning =--- light, electronics, generating sound, video, Upside down cake, instrument building, colourful noise, dinosaurs, junk assembly, re purposed old technology, sculpture, custom devices, kinetics, film, installation and love. Ross has performed and exhibited his light/electronic/invented contraptions widely, including at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Bus Gallery Meloburne, Australian Centre for Photography, Liquid Architecture, Other Film Festival & Brisbane Festival check out

Rod Cooper is a Melbourne-based artist who works across the fields of sound, metallurgy, painting and sculpture. Since 1998, he has been transforming traditional instrument designs into new hybrids. Each sculpture features a large range of sounds, incorporating percussion, bowing mechanisms, resonant springs and acoustic noise. Rod has collaborated extensively with musicians and artists such as Ben Harper, Sean Baxter, Anthony Magen and Ros Bandt, has performed at many events including The Make It Up Club Festival, Liquid Architecture, NowNow and UnSound and has also toured his hybrid forms to Ireland, New Zealand, America and the UK.

All pics courtesy of Timothy McNeilage, vid by Drew Roberts

Rod Cooper & Ross Manning Found Sound # 3

Wednesday March 18
Tape Projects
1/81 Bouverie Street Carlton, Melbourne

Together for the first time! Ross Manning, down from sunny Queensland, in collaboration with Rod Cooper. A performance of sound sculptures, re-purposed objects and original instruments. All welcome!

Ross Manning

Rod Cooper

Found Sound # 2 Joe Talia and Dale Gorfinkel

Performance at Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie St Carlton
Wednesday 18th February 2009
Collaborative performance by by DALE GORFINKEL on prepared vibraphone, modified trumpet, inventions and ping pong balls and JOE TALIA on heat sinks, bowed cymbals, inside reverb tank and prepared percussion!

Clip courtesy of Drew Roberts

About Joe and Dale:

JOE TALIA is a drummer, avant-garde percussionist and sound engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. He studied improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts from 1999-2001, where he began to develop a highly unique style of drumming that blends driving melodic and rhythmic invention with textural and sonic exploration. Joe has always immersed himself in all aspects of music including improv, musique concrete, rock, contemporary classical and film music, and draws influences from many places. He has performed, recorded and toured with a massive range of musicians and ensembles in Australia and internationally including Ned Collette Band, Thembi Soddell, David Shea, Francis Plagne, Marco Fusinato, Andrea Keller Quartet, Post, The Bartok Project, City City City, Rand and Holland, Erik Griswold, Anita Hustas, Adam Simmons Toy Band, New Blood and countless others.

DALE GORFINKEL is a musician, instrument builder and installation artist from Sydney, currently living in Melbourne. Dale’s automated mechanical sculptures are based on his unique approach to the vibraphone. He creates wondrous sonorities using continuous bowed inventions on aluminium bars, swinging tin resonators and ping-pong balls. He has also developed a quirky approach to the trumpet, using additional plastic tubing, shower roses, balloons, and various mouthpieces which invoke an 'electronic' sound world. Dale is an active member of Australia’s exploratory music communities and is an integral part of many ensembles including the composer/improviser collective Farfinkel Pugowski, Metalog, Jim Denley’s West Head Project, SSL with Robbie Avenaim, Prophets, Splinter Orchestra, and trio with Peter Farrar and the sound poet Amanda Stewart. Other musical collaborators include Ernie Althoff, Rosalind Hall, Alan Lamb, Clare Cooper, Jon Rose, Rod Cooper, Wadada Leo Smith (USA), and Cor Fuhler (Netherlands).

Images courtesy of Helen Metzger - thanks Helen!

Found Sound # 2 venue update - Joe Talia and Dale Gorfinkel

Found Sound has moved to new digs! We would be most delighted if you could join us at a new location for this Wednesday's Found Sound performance #2 featuring Joe Talia and Dale Gorfinkel

Where: Tape Projects warehouse upstairs 1/81 Bouverie Street Carlton (near CBD)
When: This Wednesday Feb 18th 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Who: Joe and Dale on vibraphones, prepared percussion, ping pong balls, modified trumpet, heat sinks, reverb tank and inventionssssss

Hope to see you there!

Dale Gorfinkel and Joe Talia: February 18th

The next Found Sound performance: Joe Talia and Dale Gorfinkel!

Following on from our fantastic launch last month, Found Sound is thrilled to present the second performance of the year. Please join us for a collaborative performance by by DALE GORFINKEL on prepared vibraphone, modified trumpet, inventions and ping pong balls and JOE TALIA on heat sinks, bowed cymbals, inside reverb tank and prepared percussion! This is the first public collaboration between Joe and Dale and it's sure to be an absolute stunner – all welcome!

Feburary 18
Performance from 7:30 - 8:30pm
Tape Projects warehouse space
1/81 Bouverie St Carlton, Melbourne $5

Dale Gorfinkel - Vibraphone

Excerpt of Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki performance

Excerpt of Ros Bandt & Albert Mishriki performance at the the Found Sound launch on January 28th, 2009.

About Ros and Albert:

DR ROS BANDT is an internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, researcher and scholar. Since 1977, she has pioneered interactive sound installations, sound sculptures, and created sound playgrounds, spatial music systems and some 40 sound installations worldwide. She has curated many sound performances, exhibitions and events. She is an honorary senior research fellow at the Australian Centre, Melbourne University, where she directs The Australian Sound Design Project, the first online searchable sound art database in Australia (see

ALBERT MISHRIKI is an artist and sound designer who builds sound sculptures and creates musical compositions featuring flutes, guitars, synthesisers, harps, kitchen junk, bicycle bits, bells, pieces of cars, springs, plastic pipes and umbrellas. He regularly collaborates with Ben Bourke on the music project Howling Mound (, has worked as a sound designer on various theatre and dance productions and recently completed his BA (Sound Design) at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki (with special guest mouse)

Excerpt of Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki performance, featuring numerous sound sculptures by Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki, including:

, Ros Bandt, 1978.
An original microtonal glass percussion instrument consisting of a three-tiered wooden frame with 31 suspended glass objects. Apart from the ‘found’ glass lampshade and insulator, all items are cut glass containers, mainly flagons. They are arranged in constellations based on compatible pitch and timbral formations. This instrument was originally designed and built by Ros in 1978 - a pioneering moment in the development of 'fragile music' (featuring glass and clay instruments) in Australia.

Cycolospoke, Albert Mishriki, 2007.
A playable sound sculpture constructed from recycled and found items including a bicycle wheel, a d-lock, strings, springs, one polystyrene head, one light fitting, an umbrella and a hat stand. Designed to be played collaboratively.

Video courtesy Drew Roberts - thanks Drew!

Found Sound Jan 28: Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki

Clang Tangle, Albert Mishriki & Ros Bandt, 2009.
A multi-timbral, original instrument assemblage collaboratively designed by Ros and Albert. Featuring PVC pipes, bells made from plumbing reducers, and experimental reverberating percussion instruments on a 2.2 x 2.4 metre frame.

Launch of Found Sound Experimental Instrument Project

Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project will be launched at Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, on 28 January 2009. Please join us for a collaborative performance by Ros Bandt and Albert Mishriki on glass percussion, bicycle wheels, plastic pipes, bells, springs, tubes, household objects and a hat stand!

Guildford Lane Gallery
20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne CBD.
Doors open 6:30pm
Performance from 7-8pm.
Entry by donation.

Hosted by The Wednesday Project at Guildford Lane