Rod Cooper & Ross Manning March 18 2009

Found Sound # 3
Wednesday March 18 2009
Tape Projects space, Melbourne

About Rod and Ross:

Ross Manning =--- light, electronics, generating sound, video, Upside down cake, instrument building, colourful noise, dinosaurs, junk assembly, re purposed old technology, sculpture, custom devices, kinetics, film, installation and love. Ross has performed and exhibited his light/electronic/invented contraptions widely, including at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Bus Gallery Meloburne, Australian Centre for Photography, Liquid Architecture, Other Film Festival & Brisbane Festival check out

Rod Cooper is a Melbourne-based artist who works across the fields of sound, metallurgy, painting and sculpture. Since 1998, he has been transforming traditional instrument designs into new hybrids. Each sculpture features a large range of sounds, incorporating percussion, bowing mechanisms, resonant springs and acoustic noise. Rod has collaborated extensively with musicians and artists such as Ben Harper, Sean Baxter, Anthony Magen and Ros Bandt, has performed at many events including The Make It Up Club Festival, Liquid Architecture, NowNow and UnSound and has also toured his hybrid forms to Ireland, New Zealand, America and the UK.

All pics courtesy of Timothy McNeilage, vid by Drew Roberts

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