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This blog is a an archive of a 6 month project curated in 2009 by Amelia Barikin and Albert Mishriki in Melbourne, Australia. Artists were Pia van Gelder, James Hullick, Rod Cooper, Ross Manning, Snawklor (Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray), Dave Nelson, Ros Bandt, Albert Mishriki, Joe Talia, Dale Gorfinkel and Ben Kolaitis. Video clips, images and bios below. Download the original 2009 Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project Manifesto HERE

Albert & Amelia Found Sound # 1 Melbourne 2009
with Albert's The Cyclospoke

The Sound Playground

although not strictly found sound, this was the sound project albert and i were working on in 2010 that distracted us from the goodness of experimental instrument project ... more pics, info and catalogue essay at http://craft-victoria.blogspot.com/2010/07/sound-playground.html

The Sound Playground

albert and amelia have been working on a new sound project this year - The Sound Playground is an exhibition and performance series to be held at fortyfivedownstairs in Melbourne from July 6-17, 2010, co-curated by Amelia and Nella Themelios with new commissioned experimental instruments, sound sculptures and sonic installations by Ros Bandt & Albert Mishriki, Rod Cooper, Emma Lashmar and Rowan McNaught. It will be ace. Opening July 6, 5-7pm. More info at http://busprojects.org.au/2010/07/06/the-sound-playground-fortyfivedownstairs/

found sound review in un magazine

Rod Cooper's review of Dale Gorfinkel and Joe Talia's Found Sound performance in un magazine 3.2 at

Found Sound # 6 All Together Now

All Together Now was the final sonic event in a series of six presented by Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project from January - June 2009. We invited Dale Gorfinkel & Ben Kolaitis with Albert Mishriki & Dylan Martorell to collaborate on two improvised performances - the artists then presented a selection of their original instruments to everyone who showed for an all in sound-up featuring experimental vibrating percussive instruments, vibrottles, vibraphone keys, modified trumpet, harp made from tree branches and wood, hand-made circuitry and electronics, modified violin, springy boom-booms, cymbals, lead pencil drawing-circuits and plastic pipes. Yeaaaaaaaah!

Found Sound will be back in 2010. Anyone interested in participating in the next program of events is most welcome to drop us a line. Amelia and Albert say: clik bing swazzle clack trik shhhiz whirr prrrrrring ...

Our warmest thanks to the fabulous TAPR crew and Michael Prior for hosting Found Sound in 2009; to Lachlan for the invaluable use of his PA, and to Drew Roberts for the vid clips.

Found Sound June 17 2009: All Together Now

found sound the experimental instrument project #6
dale gorfinkel, ben kolaitis, dylan martorell, albert mishriki
and all together now
thanks to everyone who came along for a play
youse waz awesomes

the next found sound is the last for this season
please join us for group improv / performance / all together now
with several instrument makers including dale gorfinkel, benjamin kolaitis, dylan martorell and albert mishriki
instruments for everyone to play yessy yes

at tape projects space
wed june 17 @ 7:30pm
1/81 bouverie st
carlton melbourne
$5 / $7

James Hullick & Pia van Gelder May 20 2009

found sound industria gig
james hullick on midi-controlled sonic constructions / power tools / marbles / altered violins / bowls / solenoids / tiny tappers with pia van gelder on original Voice Mask / found objects / orchestra of machines

photography by tim mcneilage - thank you tim!

About Pia and James:

PIA VAN GELDER is a Sydney-based electronic artist. In constructing her orchestra of machines and instruments for generating audio and video signals she uses a variety of materials including solenoids, contact microphones, cello-tape, reconstructed records, cassette tapes, guitar pedals, micro-controllers, general household refuse, pieces of two-by-four, midi-controllers, sensors, samplers, surveillance cameras, her mouth, nose, feet and hands. Her work currently involves sample-based live improvisation in collaboration with musician Eden Falk in their group Praying Hands and a solo project called Voice Mask, an audio instrument for vocal performance. She is the Overlord for Dorkbot_Sydney, a regular meet-up for 'people doing strange things with electricity'. www.piavangelder.com

JAMES HULLICK is a Melbourne-based composer, vocalist, pianist and sound artist who makes installations, sonic automota and midi-controlled robotics. His sonic works have been presented in Asia, North America, Australia and Europe for a variety of ensembles. Most recently he directed the multimedia experience/sonic performance The Nis, performed at 45 Downstairs, Melbourne, in partnership with Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Amplified Elephants. He is currently researching the phenomenon of 'Recursion' for his PhD at RMIT. www.jameshullick.com.